From the flea markets in Paris and Buenos Aires to the no name, can’t-find-them-on-a-map shops of the Midwest, designer Niki Cloyd has been collecting unique treasures her entire life.  With a curator’s eye and an endless thirst for the hunt, Niki launched her first company, Noneka Lighting, in 2013. The designer focused on sourcing mid-century French and Italian lighting fixtures with strong architectural details. Often noting her unparalleled ability to transform a room with a single piece, clients were always asking for more.

In 2016, Niki expanded her business into Noneka Design, a full-service interior design company created from her continuously evolving passion for design. With every project, Niki takes a distinctly personal approach, as she believes the home should be a reflection of the owner, not the designer. As she has diversified her offerings, her purpose remains to first fulfill the client’s needs and comforts; to create a sense of both awe and sanctuary in every room. “I strive to create that particular calm and warmth that comes when you walk into a room and feel instinctually settled. Though no two projects are exactly alike, there is a familiar chord of thought, attention to detail, and an inviting feeling that is at the core of my design style.”

Noneka Design is located in Los Angeles and is open by appointment only. Recent projects include a 1931 Spanish Bel Air estate, The Elder Statesman Brentwood showroom, and private residences in Rustic Canyon and Santa Monica.